Gain More Clients, Income, and Influence

Who You Are 

You are a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, author, and health & well-being practitioner

You are great at what you do and you have so much to offer your clients

What Your Challenges Are

You’re working with great clients but you’re struggling to get the word out. 

You are dabbling with social media, you are posting and publishing lots of free content, but it’s not producing results.
You are exhausted and tired of constantly having to promote yourself

What You Need Most 

More Clarity, Focus, and Direction

Attract More Clients Tapping into the Power of Relationships & Referral

Grow Your Business, Income, and Impact

with Marketing Fitting Your Style and Audiences

Meet Brother & Sister duo Jess and Yosef

yosef funke

Yosef assists his clients with straightforward, practical game-play advice combined with turnkey services and marketing packages.

He draws from his operational learning management and sales background, strategic marketing, biz development & people empowerment, program design, facilitation, and training.

With his clients, he co-creates broader access to their knowledge and practices to make a positive impact, at scale, from their homes.

Yosef lives in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife Rabbi Aviva and their two boys, E.B. (age 7 2/3) and Ami (17 months).

What Our Clients & Collaborators Say About Us

Our Story

Our Legacy & Why

What’s right for one is not appropriate for everyone. It’s just like in fashion where tastes and styles are unique. Everyone has to find their next best step.

We were born into a merchant family with a multi-generational history in the German Fashion market. My family has clothed and healed people for over a hundred years. Our Swedish grandmother was a pioneer of the nordic holistic health market founding and operating a nutritional healing center during the 70s and 80s, healing the incurable, naturally.

Empowering people inside and out runs through our veins.  We know the struggles of finding the right path and found that  “the trail is wiser than the traveler.” We we break it all down in simple steps and small adjustments with large impact and growth potential.

If you’re ready for your path, we’re ready to be there with you!

Our Awakening & Mission

We, like many others, have experienced losing what we thought was permanent. including people, places, and businesses. We know how to innovate and to find ourselves again.

We feel blessed to pursue the opportunity to collaborate as brother and sister and keep the family tradition alive.

Our firm has taken us our lifetimes to co-create ;).

Jess from London and Yosef from Scottsdale, Arizona are servicing clients around the globe. We meet online, have intimate conversations and project updates on growing clients, influence and income.

Together we’re on a mission to improve people’s lives by sharing the best tools and methods that improve the overall quality of life and well-being of many, faster, more efficient and fun.

Skills & Impact

In 2020/21 we generated over 220,000 tracked action steps by clients and their audiences towards greater self-awareness, well-being, and growth.